Stimulators of male potency

The male potency stimulant market is now oversaturated. You can find a huge number of medicines in pharmacies and online stores. Not all drugs, most are simply dietary supplements. To choose a medicine, it is best to consult a doctor.

a brutal man with stimulated potency


Medical male potency stimulants are reliable in use. These drugs have been proven to be effective over the years. A more serious stimulant are products containing testosterone.

However, a common cause of erectile dysfunction is prostatitis. And here, surprisingly, antibiotics will become the most effective stimulant. Without them, any treatment will be only symptomatic. It is necessary to defeat the infection so that the stagnant processes disappear and blood circulation returns to normal.

Only after the main antibiotic treatment for prostatitis, you can start thinking about auxiliary methods. Such as nutritional supplements or hormone therapy.

Preparations based on sildenafil

When sildenafil products were invented, a new era dawned for many men. They got an excellent potency stimulator. The effectiveness has long been beyond doubt. They work, the main thing is to use them correctly and you will feel a high level of potency.

Working principle

Sildenafil, Tadalafil and other similar substances allow the corpora cavernosa to respond well to stimulation. It improves the conductivity of blood vessels, even the smallest capillaries of the male member.

The stimulator works in such a way that the erection begins only with sexual excitement. A constantly excited genital organ will not bother you. By taking such stimulants, you are preparing your circulation for sex, but you are not yet putting it on standby. This will require erotic stimulation.

Some time after ingestion, the pelvic muscles relax. Vessels increase in width. Blood rushes in greater quantity and is better retained inside the cavernous bodies of the penis. The sudden weakening of male potency stops bothering.

Such stimulants will help with the following conditions:

  • Inflammation of the prostate;
  • swelling of the prostate;
  • Violation of potency on the background of obesity;
  • Stagnant processes in the genitals;
  • male menopause;
  • Unstable hormonal background;
  • Anxiety before sex;
  • Other negative psychogenic states.


It is recommended to drink the medicine 60 minutes before the intended intimate contact. During this time, the active substances of the stimulant will open, and the potency will increase.

a man takes potency stimulants

Preparations work for a minimum of seven hours, maximum periods vary. Among the longest listed times are values of 24 and even 36 hours. It all depends on the brand, but it's best to expect the action to work perfectly for the next six hours. Then you definitely can't go wrong.

The most powerful stimulation can be achieved by following the following simple rules of application:

  • Before use, do not eat anything fatty, do not drink alcohol. Active substances will be absorbed more poorly, and negative effects are more likely to occur;
  • The stimulant dose should be washed down with at least 250 ml of water;
  • Do not use more than the maximum daily dose of the drug;
  • Consult your doctor before choosing a medicine. Your doctor may choose a stimulant specifically for your situation. Remember to focus on the doses he recommended;
  • The maximum daily dose and the doctor's recommendations are very important in the use of medicines. But the best solution is to focus on your feelings. Of course, it's still not worth it. But you can reduce the dose according to how you feel. Use exactly as much as needed for good potency.

Be careful

Many young people who do not need stimulation at all still sometimes take drugs - it is not dangerous, but unnecessary. The motives are clear: the young man wants to achieve maximum potency from his body and feel like a hero in bed.

But after a man tries once, the erection starts to feel less stable. There is a desire to use stimulants again, moreover, to increase the dose. Therefore, drugs can lead to psychological dependence.


The only full-fledged stimulator of potency in the male body is testosterone. This hormone is also produced by pharmacists, it can be used in the form of tablets or injections. Testosterone use is strongly associated with bodybuilding. However, initially such stimulants were developed to maintain potency in a situation of reduced testosterone. Especially with age-related changes and "male menopause".

But the use of such stimulants for potency should be done with great care. You must first get permission and clear recommendations from your doctor. You will also need a doctor's written permission, without which the corresponding medicine will not be sold to you.

testosterone as a potency stimulant

Such drugs have a large number of contraindications and side effects. The most dangerous consequence of taking testosterone is thrombosis. The psychological side effects of these potency stimulants can be unexpected. There are cases when men dramatically changed their lives with an increased dose of testosterone.

Another dangerous moment is the reaction of the endocrine system to the flow of hormonal stimuli. In response to an inadequately elevated level of testosterone, the body begins to produce estrogen. A man in this case can become whiny, sensitive. In extreme cases, gynecomastia, or breast growth, develops. This condition can only be corrected by surgery.


Food aphrodisiacs belong to the group of natural stimulants. In addition, you can include folk remedies to increase potency here. The effect of proper nutrition and folk recipes is identical. Through them, a person receives the necessary nutrients. It will not work to cure neglected impotence in this way, but it is quite possible to strengthen your body, circulation and hormonal level.


The list of effective food stimulants includes the following products:

  • Oysters. It has long been known that this delicacy is one of the strongest natural aphrodisiacs. Oysters contain a large amount of amino acids and zinc, which give a surge of sexual energy;
  • Sea fish. First of all, it is worth mentioning flounder and mackerel - these are fatty types of fish that are rich in omega-3. This substance acts as a testosterone stimulator. The game will also have a powerful effect;
  • Turnip. An inexpensive product that contains a huge amount of vitamins necessary for men. The seeds of this plant will be a particularly effective stimulant;
  • Meat. In no case should it be greasy. Beef or chicken breast will give the body the energy it needs for a good level of potency;
  • Nuts. A good stimulant, the only thing is that if it is abused, you can gain weight. Any kind of nut will do, best is to click pine nuts. Nutmeg will be a good stimulant in the form of a spice;
  • Squid, shrimp and other seafood. A cheaper and less effective version of oysters;
  • Chocolate. It will be a good stimulant if you need to quickly get a dose of endorphins, calm down and return to a great mood. Chocolate must be bitter, with a high percentage of cocoa.


Try the following folk male potency stimulants:

  • Ginseng tincture. Mix 30 g of dried and then crushed roots with a liter of vodka. We leave it for a month in a dark place. We use 15 drops before a night's rest;
  • Ordinary mulled wine. Of course, you should not get carried away with its alcoholic component. By the way, this drink is rich in nutrients. You can try to cook compote from dried fruits in wine. The alcohol will evaporate, and the drink will give you a shock dose of vitamins for potency;
  • Clean the pumpkin seeds so that a thin coating remains on the seeds. We pass through the meat grinder. Mix in equal proportions with liquid honey. We form small balls from the obtained mixture. We eat several a day.

Biologically active additives

Among potency stimulants, it is impossible not to mention nutritional supplements. They should not be fully relied upon. But they can have a good auxiliary effect on your potency.